U.S. Team

Ken Bever


My wife Rhonda and I first visited Haiti in 1993. We were deeply moved by seeing hundreds of children gathering around the outside walls of cinder block school buildings – peering through the windows, yearning to attend school. Through a grassroots partnership with caring Haitian and U.S. Christian volunteers in 1995, God opened a huge door for those of us blessed with financial resources to make an eternal difference in the lives of these forgotten children.

Tonya Hunt

Vice President

  I joined the HFHC team in February 2005 and feel honored to serve alongside a wonderful team of American and Haitian staff and volunteers. There is so much joy in seeing how God is working through this ministry to transform lives through Christian education, caring for orphans, and providing opportunities for the next generation of Haitian children to become leaders in their country. 

Steve Cooner

Development Director

Steve joined the HFHC team at the end of 2014.  Steve has a passion to use his talents to share our Hope for Haiti's Children story and is looking now for opportunities to meet with congregations, organizations, and compassionate individuals in the Texas/Oklahoma/Arkansas area. You may contact Steve at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 866-314-9330 ext. 302. 

Jennifer Anthony

Finance Manager

I became a member of the HFHC team in March 2008. It is such a blessing to be a part of this beautiful ministry. Lives are being transformed because of what we do. On a trip to Haiti in February 2009 I was able to meet many of the children in our program. They are so sweet and polite. And despite some of the most deplorable conditions you could imagine, these precious children still had a smile with which to greet me. I am forever changed. I pray God will use me for many years to serve and love the people of Haiti.

Amy Hughes

Sponsorship Coordinator

I joined the HFHC organization in January 2010. The very next week was the major earthquake so, I hit the ground running. It is so enjoyable working each day because I see the hand of God at work here. I am honored to be doing a great service for the children of Haiti.

Shaun Talaber

Account Administrator

I joined the HFHC team in September 2011, but lost my heart to the Children in Haiti back in 1999 when we began our first child sponsorship. I was able to go to Haiti in January 2012 and experience first hand  the courage and love of these precious children. I am forever changed after seeing how they live in unimaginable conditions and yet are filled with hope and trust in God, because they have seen HIS love through this organization. Amazing things are happening on the ground in Haiti and I feel so blessed to be a part of it.

Charlayne Boyd

Administrative Assistant

I became a member of the HFHC team in September 2012. On my first trip to Haiti in January 2012, I was excited to meet many of the children that are sponsored in our program. They were smiling, healthy, and happy despite the obstacles that they face everyday. It is truly a blessing to be a part of this mission to serve the people of Haiti.

Dina Clyde

IT Support

I am honored to help Hope for Haiti's Children in their mission.  My husband and I have been child sponsors since 2005 and love to see the growth in the physical and spiritual well-being of Rosananie when we receive our annual child update package.  

Meredith Hutchens

Social Media/Grants

During my initial trip to Haiti in 2012, I witnessed first-hand a level of poverty and desperation that was completely foreign to me. Since that time, my husband and I have fallen in love with the Haitian people and returned to Haiti several times to serve where God has called us. It is my privilege to join the staff of Hope for Haiti’s Children and continue using my skills and abilities to accomplish God’s mission in Haiti.

Haiti Team

Jeantyrard Elmera

President, Haiti NGO

Jeantyrard Elmera has served since 1995 as the Country Director of Espoir Pour les Enfants d'Haiti, HFHC's government-recognized, non-government organization (NGO). Jeantyrard has supervised the construction of 10 HFHC-affiliated Christian schools, two orphanages, and a mission team center in Haiti, as well as serving as the President of the NGO's board of directors. He serves as the pulpit minister of the Delmas Church of Christ in Port-au-Prince. In 2003, he helped found the Delmas Christian School (pre-K through High School) which currently enrolls nearly 30% of the children sponsored by HFHC.

Jean Baptiste Chery

Vice President, Haiti Operations

Jean Baptiste Chery joined our team in 2005. His heart for the children and the Lord is seen daily as he works with the principals to manage the sponsorship program which serves over 1,100 children in our 9 schools. In addition, Jean Baptiste oversees operations at our two HFHC orphanages and serves as a minister for the Cite Soleil Church of Christ. Jean Baptiste and his wife Beatrice have 3 children and live in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Future plans include leadership at our HFHC-owned property in Thomazeau where our Team Center, orphanage, and school are located.

Marieshelle Jean-Pierre

Office Adminstrator

Marieshelle J. Joseph joined our team in July 2010 shortly after the January 12, 2010 earthquake. Marieshelle brings great organization and attention to detail skills to our team. She helps us to maintain our high standards for financial accountability by collecting receipts and submitting expense reports for all funds sent to Haiti. In addition, she assists with coordination for all Mission teams and communication with our U.S. staff and Haitian leadership.

Sonia Toussaint

Orphanage Administrator/Care-Giver

Sonya and Jean Toussaint were hired as house parents in 2003 and still lovingly care for the Cazeau orphans today. The children have devotionals and prayers every night before they sleep and memorize God’s Word.

Johnny Laine Evenson

Sponsorship Assistant

Johnny Laine joined our staff in June 2012 to assist with the administration of our Sponsorship Program. In addition to serving by working with the children, he also assists with translation and Mission Team coordination.

Natacha Pierre

Orphanage Administrator/Care-Giver

Natacha has provided a loving care and supervision at our Thomazeau orphanage since its opening in 2012. She understands the needs of these children, since Natacha was orphaned at age three, and grew up living in HFHC’s Cazeau orphanage. Natacha is an outstanding Christian young lady – a graduate of Delmas Christian High School, fluent in four languages (English, Spanish, French, and Creole), a professional seamstress, with a huge heart for children.

Board of Directors

Bruce Zupa

Board Chairman

My connection with Hope for Haiti’s Children began in 1995 when my congregation, Bellevue Church of Christ started supporting the work. As a member of the Mission Committee, I had encouraged our participation financially and it then became my mission point responsibility. I was asked to join the board in 2002 and served for 2 years. My first trip to Haiti in 2002 captured my heart's deepest feelings and it just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Doug Freede

Board Vice Chairman

After being a financial supporter of Hope for Haiti’s Children for several years, I made my first trip to Haiti in 2013 to assist on a medical mission trip. Since then my wife, Vicki, and I have returned every year. Although we were deeply affected by the almost overwhelming needs and difficult circumstances faced by the Haitian people each day, we were also very encouraged by the vision of the HFHC organization, and by the dedication and compassion of the HFHC staff in their efforts to serve the children of Haiti. After visiting the orphanages in Thomazeau and Cazeau we decided to sponsor some of the children, and our involvement and enthusiasm for the work of HFHC has grown each year to the point where I was privileged to become a board member in 2015.

While the opportunity to meet a portion of the physical and educational needs of the children of Haiti is rewarding, the opportunity to deliver these blessings in the name of Jesus Christ will provide a truly eternal blessing to many of those served by HFHC. My family and I are proud to be a part of this wonderful Christ-centered organization.

Kent Blake

Board Secretary & Treasurer

One of the most moving times of my life was getting on a plane and flying down to visit our child. We have continued to support him through secondary school and we want to stay with him. Staying with people is central to HFHC’s philosophy of going deep, not wide.

My wife, Jennifer, and I began sponsoring a child in the late 1990’s. As a family it was very good, not only for us but for our children, ages three and five at the time, to think and pray for our sponsored child, Jonas. We knew from pictures and stories the standard of living he experienced compared to our own. 

Cedric Boyd

Board Member

My involvement with Hope for Haiti's Children began in the fall of 2002. Working with an organization like HFHC, whose broad mission is to serve the needs of impoverished children has been, and continues to be, deeply rewarding.

Demonstrating compassion through service and personal leadership excites me, particularly in a locale where the needs are so great. My goal, working with our board, staff, and Haitian friends, is to bring our Rebuilding Hope 2020 plans to life for every child involved in our program; to turn expressions of love and compassion into concrete action for the children of Haiti.

Peggy Cruze

Board Member

My first trip into Haiti in June, 2001 was very revealing. I met a beautiful and valiant people engaged in daily living under such difficult circumstances. Their task today is even more daunting. So I am truly pleased to be a part of the family that is Hope for Haiti's Children and a part of an effort to bring relief and hope to the Haitians whose lives we are privileged to touch, especially the children.

Julie Georges

Board Member

My first trip to Haiti was in 1995. We came hoping to establish a child sponsorship program. I immediately fell in love with the people, particularly the Christians. They face such difficult life circumstances, they are constantly in some kind of serious need and yet are full of faith and love. 

Don Henderson

Board Member

I was asked by Ken Bever to go on a medical mission trip in July 2001. After seeing the children of Haiti with their extreme need and big smiles, I was hooked. They now own a piece of my heart.