Annual Clinic for Sponsored Children

In Haiti, seeing a doctor or dentist is a rare occurrence and a great blessing. At the beginning of each year, HFHC ensures that each sponsored child has access to medical care through our Annual Child Care Clinic. The parents are thrilled for their children to have this opportunity.  A day at the clinic means that children will travel by bus to a school where medical staff, U.S. team volunteers, and Haitian translators await their arrival. From the time their name is called, they are greeted by caring volunteers whose #1 mission is serving and sharing the love of Christ with them. It’s a day where many of their needs will be addressed and their voices heard – whether it be medical needs, prayer needs, expressions of gratitude for sponsorship, or their joy upon receiving a bag full of gifts. 

Would you like to join us on a Medical Mission Trip? Just fill out the Mission Trip Interest Form and our Mission Trip Coordinator will contact you with upcoming opportunities.


Clinic Day Step-by-Step