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Pageste, pronounced Pä-jest, is a small village about ½ mile north of the Artibonite River from the city of Mirebalais. People travel to the village either by swimming across the river or by being ferried across in a handmade wooden boat. The students at the Pageste Christian Elementary School sit on long wooden benches facing blackboard partitions. In 2014, a well was dug to provide water to the schoolchildren. Once children complete elementary school, they attend the Mirebalais Secondary School. 

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School Info

Official School Name:  Ecole Chretienne de Pageste
Principal:  Belijor DuVerne
Total Students:  142
Number Sponsored:  78
Number of Teachers:  8
Grades Taught:  Preschool (K1-K2), Kindergarten (K3) – 6th Grade
Facility:  The school building, funded with grants from Hope for Haiti's Children, is constructed of concrete block with a metal roof and a concrete floor. It also serves as the meeting place for the Mirebalais Church of Christ. In 2013, the school received electricity thanks to the Solar Electric Light Fund. In 2015, a new kindergarten and school office were added to the one-room school.

Current Needs - Pageste

  • Batteries to run solar system – Solar panels allow the school to have light during the night. This enables children and church members to gather for devotionals and community gatherings. The current batteries need replacing. ($1,400)
  • Chalkboard Partitions and Benches – The school needs additional benches with desktops and chalkboard partitions between classrooms. ($2,000)

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