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Delmas, pronounced Del-mah, is a large region of downtown Port-au-Prince. The Delmas Christian School is located on Delmas Street -- one of the busiest avenues in the city. Rebuilt after its complete destruction in the 2010 earthquake, this well-respected 3-story elementary and secondary school educates 580 students. Each year, new resources and classes have been added including a computer lab to educate upperclassmen.

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School Info

Official School Name:  College Chrétien de Delmas
Total Students:  556
Number Sponsored:  446
Number of Teachers:  9 (elementary) and contract teachers for each class (7th-13th grades)
Grades Taught:  Preschool (K1-K2), Kindergarten (K3) – 13th Grade, Nursing School, Preacher Training School
Facility:  The reconstructed school building, funded with grants from Hope for Haiti's Children, Healing Hands International, and Britton Road Church of Christ, is constructed of concrete block. It also serves as the meeting place for the Delmas 28 Church of Christ. The third floor was just completed in 2016. The roof is now being finished and will be used for exercise classes and an eating area.

Current Needs - Delmas

  • Finish Roof Surfacing – To provide a safe exercise class area and eating area. ($8,500)
  • Kitchen – Needs to complete a school lunch kitchen on roof. ($5,000)
  • Library and books – Government regulations require expensive textbooks and reading materials to be available to students. Providing quality resources and a center for students to study will help them as they prepare for tests and national exams. ($5,000)
  • Furnishings – The school needs school benches. ($5,000)

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