HFHC’s Christian Leadership Youth Camp is currently held at a rented facility during the summer for 180 of our sponsored teens. The camp makes a huge impact on our young people, as they participate in classes and activities that focus on leadership development, family and marriage, and Christian values/ethics.

Plans are to continue to develop “Camp Hope” at the Thomazeau Hope Center for a complete transition to HFHC’s own facilities by 2021.

HFHC’s Promising Adult Continuing Education Sponsorship (PACES) program provides young adults with scholarships to receive vocational and post-secondary training.

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Christian Youth Camp
Vacation Bible Schools
English & Computer Classes

Priority Projects for 2017

  • Camp Fee – Operate July 2017 Christian Leadership Youth Camp at Global Outreach facility ($8,000)
  • Security Wall - Complete Camp Hope security wall ($25,000)
  • Bath House – Complete bath house ($20,000)