HFHC has helped to raise the funds to construct ten concrete-block Christian school facilities which now educate more than 2,500 children and serve as meeting places for local congregations.

Since many parents cannot afford the tuition costs, HFHC’s child sponsorship program provides the tuition which keeps the schools operational but do not cover the cost of major facility repairs of upgrades.

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Priority Projects for 2017

Brajirois Christian Primary School

New kindergarten building ($15,000)

Cazeau Christian Primary School

Add individual 1st-4th grade classrooms on 2nd floor ($20,000)

Cite Soleil Christian Primary School

New benches/chalkboards ($4,000)

Delmas Christian School

Finish school kitchen ($4,000)

Dubuisson Christian Primary School

Construct school kitchen ($8,000) 


Hinche Christian Primary School

New kindergarten building ($12,000)

Mirebalais Christian Primary School

Need office/storage room ($5,000)

Pageste Christian Primary School

Batteries for solar system ($1,400)

Robert Christain Primary School

Concrete plastering of 3rd-6th grade classroom building ($5,000) 

Thomazeau Christian Elementary School

5th and 6th grade classrooms($35,000)