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10-Year Funding Goal: $5,000,000

$3.07M Raised To Date
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A 10-Year Vision

In November 2010, the Board of Directors for Hope for Haiti’s Children adopted a long-term plan entitled Rebuilding Hope 2020 with the ultimate goal of providing a comprehensive and sustainable infrastructure to continually develop outstanding leaders. Rebuilding Hope 2020 has three primary objectives:

1.  Nurture outstanding leaders by building and strengthening
     two locally-operated orphanages.
2.  Educate outstanding leaders by building and strengthening
     ten locally-operated Christian schools.
3.  Train outstanding leaders by providing after-school clubs
     vocational training programs, and Christian camps.

The complete cost to implement this 10-year plan is $5M -- $500,000 annually. Thanks to HFHC’s Rebuilding Hope financial partners, over $3M has been raised to date.

See our Rebuilding Hope 2020 Overview (pdf)
and Rebuilding Hope Information 2017 Update sheet.