Thomazeau Christian Orphanage


Thomazeau, pronounced Tom-ä-zō, is a city approximately 1½ hour drive northeast of Port-au-Prince. The area to the north of the city has a mountain range, which has lost all its forests and much of its topsoil. Farmers still try to grow crops, but many families go hungry due to lack of water and poor soil conditions. Hope for Haiti's Children's Hope Center is on 22 acres to the northwest of Thomazeau in the Debas section and includes the orphanage, a mission team house, a micro-farm, a community water system, Christian school, and is the meeting place for the Thomazeau Church of Christ. In January 2012, HFHC opened the Thomazeau Christian Orphanage at the Hope Center. The facilities include a boys and girls dorm, a kitchen and dining hall, and staff housing.



Today, the orphanage is home to 12 wonderful young children who keep Natacha Pierre, our orphanage administrator and primary care-giver, extremely busy! She understands the needs of these children, since Natacha was orphaned at age three, and grew up living at HFHC’s Cazeau Christian Orphanage. The orphanage is a fun, learning place where the children assist with raising chickens and turkeys, feed and care for goats, weed and harvest produce from the garden, play soccer and basketball, as well as learn English and basic computer skills. The children memorize God’s Word and have devotionals each night before they sleep.

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Current Needs - Thomazeau Orphanage

Capital Projects
  • New Solar-powered System on New Dining Hall/Kitchen Building to Reduce Generator Fuel cost from $500/month to $50/month ($25,000)
  • Triple the size of secure orphanaage area by constructing a .5-Acre Concrete Security Wall for Future 40-child Dormitory and Grassy Play area ($25,000)
  • Water Tower System for New Dining Hall/Kitchen ($2,000)
  • Storm Shutters for Staff Housing ($2,000)
  • Outside Security Lighting for New Orphanage Dormitory ($1,000)

Operational Funding
  • Annual outing to ocean/museum ($500)
  • Replace large cooking pots ($500)
2017 thom orphans chair sweep
2017 thom orphans playing game