Cazeau Christian Orphanage


Cazeau, pronounced Cä-zō, is a borough of Port-au-Prince about one mile from the international airport. The Cazeau Christian Orphanage sits atop a hill adjacent to the Cazeau Christian School on property owned by the Cazeau Church of Christ. The orphanage was the outgrowth of compassion provided to street children by Yvette and Rodrique Bichotte – a former mayor of Cazeau and his wife, who were members of the Cazeau congregation. In 1998, Hope for Haiti’s Children assisted the church in building orphanage facilities to house 48 children. The facilities include a boys and girls dormitory, a kitchen and dining hall, and an houseparent’s home. The orphanage opened with 23 orphaned children who had been sleeping at night on carpets in the Bichotte home. A dedicated Christian nurse, Sonya Toussaint, assisted by her husband Jean began as house parents in 2003 when the orphanage grew to care for 48 children. Thanks to the Christian nurturing, education, and training, many of the original 23 orphaned children are now exemplary Christian leaders who are having a positive influence in the lives of others.



Responding to the need for orphan care after the 2010 earthquake, the orphanage expanded its capacity to care 72 children by adding an additional bunk bed in each dorm room. The orphanage is a fun, learning place where the children assist with raising chickens and turkeys, play soccer and basketball, as well as learn English and basic computer skills. The children have choir practice every week and love to sing for various wedding and other special events. The older children are taking classes in sewing and mechanics to equip them with skills as they transition to adult life. They memorize God’s Word and have devotionals each night before they sleep.

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Current Needs - Cazeau Orphanage

Capital Projects
  • Replace west septic system serving dormitory bathrooms ($10,000)
  • Construct metal storm shutters to keep rain out of dorm/training rooms ($5,000)
  • Replace inverter batteries which provide electricity when city power goes out each day ($2,500)
  • Purchase educational/Bible training DVD / Projector system ($1,000)

Operational Funding
  • Seamstress/tailoring classes for older youth ($2,000)
  • Mechanic classes for older teen boys ($2,000)
  • Annual outing to ocean/museum ($1,000)
  • Replace large cooking pots ($500)
2017 boys in shared room