2017 robert profile Robert, pronounced Rō-bear, is located at the very top of a mountain with a beautiful view of the Caribbean ocean. Accessible only by 4-wheel drive vehicles, the community has no electricity and no running water. The students at the Robert Christian Elementary School sit on long wooden benches facing blackboard partitions. The school captures rain water in a concrete cistern which is used by the school, children, and church community. Once children complete elementary school, they go to the secondary school at the foot of the mountain, the Williamson Secondary School.

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School Info

Official School Name:  Mixte Communautaire de Robert
Principal:  Coles Jean
Total Students:  230
Number Sponsored:  61
Number of Teachers:  9
Grades Taught:  Preschool (K2), Kindergarten (K3) – 6th Grade
School Hours:  8:00 AM – 1:00 PM (1st-6th), 8:00 AM – Noon (Kindergarten)
Facility:  The main school building, funded with grants from Hope for Haiti's Children, is constructed of concrete block with a metal roof and a concrete floor. It also serves as the meeting place for the Robert Church of Christ. Four grades meet in a newly constructed facility (far left in the photo above.)

Current Needs - Robert

  • 3rd-6th Grade Classrooms – Finish concrete plastering and painting and install 3 security doors. ($5,000)
  • Furnishings – The school needs additional benches with desktops and chalkboard partitions ($2,000)
  • Door – Needs a new metal door for the office ($300)
  • Bathroom – Needs metal doors for stalls ($300)

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