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Mirebalais, pronounced Mĭrä-bä-lay, is a major community in the south-central part of Haiti on the Artibonite River. The area of Mirebalais has fertile soil, with rice and other crops grown there. The students at the Mirebalais Christian Elementary School sit on long wooden benches facing individual blackboards placed against the wall. A new well and pump was drilled in 2015 which provides water to the schoolchildren. Once children complete elementary school, they attend a school nearby called the Mirebalais Secondary School. 

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School Info

Official School Name:  College Mixte Chrétien de Mirebalais
Principal:  Veline Duverne Florestal
Vice Principal:  Raphael Florestal
Total Students:  124
Number Sponsored:  59
Number of Teachers:  9
Grades Taught:  Preschool (K1-K2) Kindergarten – 6th Grade
School Hours:  8:00 AM – 1:00 PM (Kindergarten 8:00 – noon)
Facility:  The main school building, funded with grants from Hope for Haiti's Children, is constructed of concrete block with a metal roof and a concrete floor. It also serves as the meeting place for the Mirebalais Church of Christ. A second building has recently been constructed which houses two grades.

Current Needs - Mirebalais

  • Principal's Office/Storage Room – The school needs an office with an area to store their supplies to keep them safe from vandalism and the elements. ($5,000)
  • Well pump house – The school well needs a concrete block wall built around the well pump to keep it secure. ($1,000)
  • Furnishings – The school needs additional benches with desktops and chalkboard partitions. ($2,000)

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