2017 brajirois profile Brajirois, pronounced Bra-jsha-wah, is located at the very top of a mountain, accessible only by 4-wheel drive vehicles. The community has no electricity and no running water. Families in this remote mountain village are so thankful for this school to educate their children! Once children complete elementary school, they go to the secondary school at the foot of the mountain, the Williamson Secondary School.

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School Info

Official School Name:  Mixte Bon Samaritan
Principal:  Cazimir Vertillus
Total Students:  172
Number Sponsored:  70
Grades Taught:  Preschool (K1-K2), Kindergarten (K3) – 6th Grade 
Teachers:  8
School Hours:  7:45 AM – 1:00 PM
Facility:  The school building, funded with grants from Hope for Haiti's Children, is constructed of concrete block with a metal roof and concrete floor. The facility also serves as the meeting place for the Brajirois church of Christ. An adjacent piece of property was purchased in February 2016 for new school classrooms to be built. Three temporary buildings housing three grades currently are located in front of the main schoolhouse.

Current Needs - Brajirois

  • Kindergarten Classrooms - Construction of three permanent concrete preschool-kindergarten classrooms ($15,000)
  • Plastering – The floor of this school is uneven and rocky. It needs to have a new concrete surface ($1,500)
  • Furnishings - The school needs additional benches with desktops and chalboard partitions. ($2,000)
  • Bathroom - The school needs a bathroom solely for students. ($1,500)


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