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HFHC has helped to raise the funds to construct ten concrete-block Christian school facilities which now educate more than 2,500 children and serve as meeting places for local congregations.

Since many parents cannot afford the tuition costs, HFHC’s child sponsorship program provides the tuition which keeps the schools operational.   

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Priority Projects for 2016

Robert Christian Primary School

This remote school is located at the top of a mountain with a beautiful for of the Caribbean ocean.  This school provides a quality elementary education for 288 children.  Additional classrooms have a dirt floor and are in need of pouring a concrete surface.


Pageste Christian Primary School

This remote school near the Artibonite River provides a quality elementary education for 317 children in a 1-room school-house.  The school has grown to the point that an additional Pre-K/Kindergarten classroom is needed on the north side of the building.

Thomazeau Christain Primary School

The Thomazeau Christian Primary School opened in the Fall of 2012 and enrolls 180 children in the Kindergarten through 3rd grade.  Plans call to continue to build the primary school in stages as funding permits. The school also serves as a meeting place for the Thomazeau church of Christ.  In 2016, we hope to construct the 4th Grade classroom and plaster the walls inside the pavilion and finish the floor.


Hinche Christian Elementary School

The Hinche Christian Elementary School is located in the center of Haiti and near the Dominican Republic border.  This school enrolls 126 students and is also the meeting place of the Hinche Church of Christ.  The school's walls are only 4ft high all around the building and need to be raised to 8 ft for security and to protect the teaching materials and furniture. ($8,000)