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10-Year Funding Goal: $5,000,000

$2.65M Raised To Date
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A 10-Year Vision

In November 2010, the Board of Directors for Hope for Haiti’s Children adopted a long-term plan entitled Rebuilding Hope 2020 with the ultimate goal of providing a comprehensive and sustainable infrastructure to continually develop outstanding leaders. Rebuilding Hope 2020 has three primary objectives:

1.  Nurture outstanding leaders by building and strengthening
     two locally-operated orphanages.
2.  Educate outstanding leaders by building and strengthening
     ten locally-operated Christian schools.
3.  Train outstanding leaders by providing after-school clubs
     vocational training programs, and Christian camps.

The complete cost to implement this 10-year plan is $5M -- $500,000 annually. Thanks to HFHC’s Rebuilding Hope financial partners, over $2.65M has been raised to date.  In 2015, eighty-nine (89) cents of every dollar raised went directly to fund the projects and programs in Haiti.

See our Rebuilding Hope 2020 Overview (pdf)
and Rebuilding Hope Information 2016 Update sheet.