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  • Thomazeau Christian Orphanage


    HFHC owns 25 undeveloped acres a 1½ hour drive northeast of Port-au-Prince near the city of Thomazeau. This area has a great number of earthquake refugees settle here, with many motherless children. In January 2012, HFHC opened Phase I of the Thomazeau Orphanage. The facilities include a boys’ and girls’ dorm, a new kitchen, a dining hall, and staff housing. Adjacent to the orphanage dormitories and kitchen, the Thomazeau Team Center with American-style housing for on-going short-term U.S. mission teams for up to 22 volunteers was completed.


    Phase One Complete

    As of January 2015, the orphanage is home to 12 wonderful children who keep Natacha Pierre, our orphanage administrator and primary care-giver, extremely busy! She understands the needs of these children, since Natacha was orphaned at age three, and grew up living in HFHC’s Cazeau orphanage. Natacha is an outstanding Christian young lady – a graduate of Delmas Christian High School, fluent in four languages (English, Spanish, French, and Creole), a professional seamstress, with a huge heart for children.natacha-with-naikathom-orphans-dinner-table

    2015 Thomazeau Christian Orphanage Needs


    • Funds are needed to feed all the children 3 nourishing meals a day.

    Property Improvements

    • Add storm shutters to keep rain out of dormitory bedrooms during windy rain storms ($1,000)

    Capital Projects

    • Construct New Kitchen & Dining Hall ($50,000)
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      The Thomazeau Christian Orphanage is part of the Thomazeau Hope Center. Located 2.5 miles from Thomazeau, the gated community will incorporate an orphanage, a school, a crop nursery. Phase 3 plans include a Christian Learning/Training facility.



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