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Children's Education & Schools

Why Help Children in Haiti? Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.  The impact of this spirit-crushing impoverishment is especially felt by the children whose families cannot afford the cost of education.

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  • Since 1995, Hope for Haiti's Children has helped to establish and fund the construction of 10 Christian school facilities in partnership with local Haitian churches of Christ. Located in the central and west departments (departments=states) of Haiti, these church affiliated schools serve over 2,500 children. Of the 2,500 children enrolled, over 1,300 are HFHC sponsored!

    Hope for Haiti's Children serves to unite a child in need with a sponsor who provides that child with the funds necessary to receive a quality Christian education. We also manage grants to assist with vocational training for young adults, construction of new schools, and facility repairs/improvements.


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    Joy Henry talks about the experience she had on a her mission trip to Haiti and shares how the children are so very grateful to their sponsors.
    You do make a difference!

  • girl-writing"Although public education is free, the cost is still quite high for Haitian families who must pay for uniforms, textbooks, supplies, and other inputs. Due to weak state provision of education services, private and parochial schools account for approximately 90% of primary schools, and only 65% of primary school-aged children are actually enrolled. At the secondary level, the figure drops to around 20%. Less than 35% of those who enter will complete primary school. Though Haitians place a high value on education, few can afford to send their children to secondary school and primary school enrollment is dropping due to economic factors."
    - U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Republic of Haiti

  • See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.
    - Matthew 18:10


HFHC Our Schools


brajirois-class-1Brajirois is one of our mountain village schools. Much of their schoolwork must be memorized due to the shortage of available books. As of 2014, 59 students are sponsored through HFHC.
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The Cazeau Elementary School is highly regarded for its academic excellence.
100% of 6th grade students have passed their National Exam.
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Cite Soleil

cite-soleil-3girlsThis school is a shining light in a dark place! As of 2014, 256 of the students are sponsored through Hope For Haiti’s Children.
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delma-lunch The Delmas school offers both elementary and secondary education. Secondary schools in Haiti are equivalent to our 7th-12th grades.
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This small-village elementary school has 268 students in attendance, 47 are HFHC sponsored (2014).
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hinche-kids-1Hinche, pronounced Hinsh, has a population of about 50,000 people. It is the capital city of central Haiti. 81 students in the school are sponsored by HFHC in 2014.
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mirebalais-school-1 The school at Mirebalais, pronounced Mir-uh-ba-lay,  has 200 total students, 69 of which are sponsored through HFHC in 2014. This school has 9 teachers working with all ages of children.
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Pageste, pronounced Puh-jest, is in a very remote area of Haiti. It can only be reached by crossing a river by boat and then hiking into the village. Great pride is taken in the education process from teachers and children alike.
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robert-3girlsRobert, pronounced Ro-bear, has over 300 students; 60 are HFHC sponsored children (2014). Robert is one of three mountain village schools. Some children walk as much as two hours each way.
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thom-school-girlThomazeau Christian Elementary School was opened at the end of 2012 and currently has an attendance of 90 students - 84 of whom are HFHC sponsored (2014).  
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All HFHC Schools Map

all-school-map-portionGoogle Map of all 10 of Hope for Haiti's Children supported schools.
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