The Orphan Care Sunday event invites your entire congregation, a Sunday School class or a Small Group to gather together for a simple inexpensive meal (such as rice & beans) rather than eating out for your Sunday meal. Participants would then contribute the savings for use at the orphanages. Choose your own Sunday! This event provides a wonderful opportunity to share a meal, pray for the fatherless and respond immediately to their needs. 

What is the Goal?

$50,000  This assists our orphanages and helps to provide for the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social needs of fatherless children in Haiti.

$15,000 Raised To Date
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Are Resources Available?

Yes! Posters, Prayer Needs, Our Orphanage Profiles, and even Haitian Recipes are available.

Who Will Benefit?

The children who live in Hope for Haiti's Children's orphanages at Cazeau & Thomazeau.

Participating Organizations 2017

Memorial Church of Christ - Texas