Please Pray for Haiti - Hurricane Matthew Update

On the ground in Haiti: A note from Tonya Hunt, HFHC Vice President

October 15, 2016

2016 hurricane matthew water rose up to the line of the bedToday, our team was able to visit Cité Soleil, the impoverished area located on the Haiti coast, west of Port-au-Prince. The community leaders graciously welcomed us and led us through the area. We visited homes of those who were deeply affected by Hurricane Matthew, but soon noticed that really all the local residents were impacted in some way. Flood waters filled homes while families gathered on top of beds, hoping the water would not rise above them. Some roofs came off completely while many others were badly damaged, leaving substantial leaks. Those who have roofs used tarps to “fix” the problem. And there’s significant standing water and mud, both inside homes and through the narrow passageways between homes. They need help. They need OUR help. (See More Pics on our Facebook Page)

We also visited a local HFHC-sponsored school. As we entered, we could smell the food cooking in the kitchen. Three large pots of hot rice and beans awaited the children's empty tummies, thanks to our school lunch program. The children all sat at their desks focusing on their teacher. They were safe, secure, and clean... all neatly dressed in their school uniforms and concentrating on their schoolwork. In the short time we shared together, our team taught an educational class about basic health and hygiene. We conducted a demonstration with solar lights that will provide light in their homes at night, and we disseminated Life Straws which will filter out dirty water and remove bacteria that can cause diseases like cholera. Additionally, the students will be receiving food to take back and share with their families.

The contrast we observed today is difficult to comprehend... but we just pause and give thanks to God, and to you - our generous donors, sponsors, supporters, and friends. The sponsored children must feel it – they feel hope. They will be fed, educated, and know that someone cares. Thank you for your continued prayers for all the children in Haiti. With God, all things are possible.

 Thank you for standing with us in the gap and being persistent in prayer. We know that immediate relief assistance will be needed. If you are able to help financially, please consider a financial donation to Hope for Haiti’s Children.  

We will be assisting families in need with food, water, and addressing other immediate emergency needs.  We will continue to keep you updated.

On our knees with you,
The Hope for Haiti's Children Family



93% of all donations received for Hurricane Matthew Relief will go to Haiti to fund our Crisis Relief efforts there.  Should funds be raised in excess of what is needed to respond to this crisis, those excess funds will be redirected by our Board of Directors to where the need is greatest.


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It is truly astonishing to reflect on the impact Hope for Haiti’s Children (HFHC) has made over the past 21 years. With God’s help and through many compassionate partners, we have witnessed many children who were trapped in poverty and despair who now lead transformed lives!  Each school year, we see more of our graduates who are now productive young adults – using their God-given talents to serve others.  Since 2000, 256 HFHC-sponsored teens and young adults have been baptized into Christ along with 332 parents of sponsored children. More info on Sponsoring a Child

This year, we have many projects associated with our Rebuilding Hope 2020 initiative which will benefit the 2,475 students enrolled in our ten Christian schools and 83 children in our two orphanages. At our Thomazeau Hope Center, we need to construct a 4th grade classroom before August as well as a dining hall/kitchen at the orphanage. It is vital to have the facilities necessary for more children to be taken out of hopelessness and given the opportunity to become what God desires for each of them.

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