Please Pray for Haiti - Hurricane Matthew Update

Recovery Efforts in Haiti Continue After Hurricane Matthew

November 3, 2016

After Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti on October 4, Hope for Haiti's Children quickly deployed a U.S. team for immediate crisis relief. The response team worked with HFHC's Haitian Staff to assess damages to our school buildings as well as check on the status of sponsored children and their families.

rice across river

Preparing to cross the Artibonite River and deliver food to the children in the remote village of Pageste.

Assessment from the Response Team:

• Much to our relief, all of the children sponsored in our program are safe. All of the 10 schools and two orphanages are still standing and incurred little to no significant damage.

Homes along the coastline were devastated by flooding and wind damage. In the hardest hit area of Cité Soleil, our team was shocked at the depth of destruction. Water filled many homes during the storm, and in several cases, families huddled together on beds hoping the water would not rise above that level.

Crops were wiped out throughout the country, creating food scarcity and increased prices and leaving many Haitians desperately hungry.

• Water-borne diseases, such as cholera, have become an imminent threat due to the abundance of water contamination.

Immediate Response on the Ground

Jeantyrard distributes rice
Due to your generosity, children are seeing a glimmer of hope through food relief. Here, Jeantyrard Elmera, the President of our NGO in Haiti, helps distribute small bags of rice and bottles of cooking oil to each child attending the school.

healing hands water filterThanks to a donation from Healing Hands International, each HFHC school received Sawyer Water Filters that were successfully installed in 5-gallon buckets. girl receives rice
This little girl is thrilled to receive a bag of rice and cooking oil to take home to share with her family.

Hope for Haiti’s Children is delivering relief supplies and assistance in order to reach 2,500 children. In addition, HFHC has sent funds and provisions for the local Haitian Christians to take to the southern peninsula in Haiti where the damage was most severe. We will continue to meet short-term needs and are working on a long-term plan focused on restoring, rebuilding, and creating sustainable solutions. Please continue to pray for the Haitian people as they again face extreme hardship. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Our team will continue to provide updates on these efforts.



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This year, we have many projects associated with our Rebuilding Hope 2020 initiative which will benefit the 2,475 students enrolled in our ten Christian schools and 83 children in our two orphanages. At our Thomazeau Hope Center, we need to construct a 4th grade classroom before August as well as a dining hall/kitchen at the orphanage. It is vital to have the facilities necessary for more children to be taken out of hopelessness and given the opportunity to become what God desires for each of them.

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